Thursday, 27 January 2011


DEVORE DABBLING - 19 March 2011
A talk with a bit of dabbling from Dionne, starting at 2pm.
There will be a kit available for those who would like to have a dabble making devore at a cost of £3.


Knit and crochet fine coloured wires with beautiful glass beads to create small treasures which may be for jewellery, small hangings or accessories for your embroideries.

Cost for the day £10 members of Nidderdale Guild, £15 for visitors. From 10 until 4, coffee & biscuits provided,please bring along you lunch.

Alysn will bring along many of the requirements to purchase or borrow as appropriate, items marked with * will be available in this way.

Coloured craft wire - 0.2mm(though 0.3mm and 0.5mm could be experimented with) at least 1 reel.*
Selection of beads of different sizes up to approx. 8mm, and vary the styles & surfaces of beads.*
Crochet hook(s) at least one around 3mm but any others from 0.75 - 6mm as extras.*
Knitting needles from small to large.*
Lids or shallow pots to spread your beads in *
Small pair of scissors for general use.
Additional lighting such as a small lamp.
Be prepared for close work for much of the day so please bring glasses magnifiers if you need them.
Jewellery fixings if you have any.*

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Happy New Year to everyone,

As we did not have our December meeting because of the weather I need to advise you of the programme for January.
There are three members workshops, Stephanie Mawdsley - Wheat Ear Stitch workshop;
Val Orr - Dorset Buttons & Sue Hadley - Ribbon Catherine Wheel a Sue Schofield kit.

Requirements for the three workshops are as follows:

Various thickness of threads
a basic sewing kit including a variety of needles
A frame if you prefer to use one
Notebook & pen/pencil

Val Orr
Brass Curtain rings - 3/4 inch minimum various sizes or 4-6 same size if you want to make a set
Strong thread in neutral colour or coloured (button thread,Fine crochet, fine perle- not stranded. Wool could be used on a larger curtain ring.
Tapestry needles to take the thread
Small sharp pointed scissors
(Val does have a supply of curtain rings if you need any.

Sue Hadley:
Sharp scissors to cut ribbon